Learn all about growing
right with Growth One.

With Growth One, we aim to make around 10% profit a month through Forex trading with our algorithm.

What makes us different from others?

Our team members make up the core of who we are and why we exist.

From a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets – these are the people that make us great.

Tech based with human eyes

We strongly believe in the power of our tech, but also understand tech cannot see everything a human eye can see. That’s why we closely monitor every trend we see as well.

We elevate with your levels in life

Whether you are a student with a little bit of savings, or a retired multi-millionaire. At any investment level, we can help you get to the next level.

Dutch originated and United Arab Emirates based

No games or tricks, we simply do what we say. While we are orgininally Dutch, we are based in the United Arab Emirates. We have different jurisdictions to best serve each customer.

Good risk-reward

Most funds charge a variable entry fee, and a fixed annual percentage regardless of whether you make a profit or not. In addition, most funds have a profit split of 50% of the profit made. We only ask for 20% of the profit (30% if you invest less than €50,000) and no entry or fixed fee.

Who are we really?

We are a Dutch-originated FinTech company. We are based in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, and have strong roots across the European Union.

At a time when many asset groups were overvalued due to years of monetary easing by central banks around the world, we were looking for ways to retain control over our returns while generating high returns.

This, combined with years of experience in the financial markets and in the IT industry, led to the creation of Growth One. A combination of big data translated into a smart algorithm combined with real traders.

As we expanded globally, we felt the need to put the money in another asset class as well. Not only for ourselves, but also for our beloved clients. As you probably know, real estate has proven itself over the years as a reliable asset class. In various countries, real estate is currently less interesting to invest in due to new laws and regulations combined with difficult financing, which puts a strong pressure on your return.

We can completely unburden you to purchase and manage real estate in rapidly developing areas such as Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Growth One remains our flagship product and we are happy to help you with any question you have.

What do we do?

We help you flourish in life by providing you tools and services to to accumulate wealth.

We believe in an innovative and straightforward approach, that users will enjoy more than anywhere else in the industry. Our main goal is to provide you with tools and services to accumulate wealth, whether small of big.

We are not a bank, nor financial advisors. We do our best to provide you with tools and services to help you grow. We can help your money grow by using our Growth One service. We work with our AI-algorithm and big data to provide you with industry leading results while also closely monitoring the market with human eyes. This helps us gather interesting returns.

We stronly monitor the market each day and adjust our algo when needed. Overall we continue to strive to deliver our investors strong and steady returns over de medium and long term.

We can help you with better legal business structures and we can completely help you from A-Z regarding the purchase and management of your first or 100th property.